The Germany Island

Project Developerd By : Kleindienst

Germany Island is cleverly designed in the shape of a horseshoe and will be home to 15 contemporary beach villas and 17 lagoon properties, all of which will offer stunning waterfront views, privacy and tranquillity. Designed by European architects, all properties will be characterised by modern German architecture and premium quality fixtures and fittings.

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The Germany Island
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Swimmiing pool
Kids Play Area
Water Storage
Steam & Sauna
Leisure Lounge

Property Sizes

Villa A 9,975 Sqft to 10,997 Sqft
Villa A1 9,447 Sqft to 13,449 Sqft
Lagoon Villa 3,519 Sqft to 3,609 Sqft

The Germany Island, A SANCTUARY OF WATER

This is where predominant craftsmanship meets excellent perfection. Germany Island at The Heart of Europe has been made and enlivened with flawless craftsmanship and quality that is synonymous with Germany the nation.

Germany Island will grasp you with rich cultural heritage and diversity, with lovely beachfront and lagoon villas and a bunch of the finest traditional German foods, fruits and beverages. There will be grand events and entertainment consistently, from Christmas markets to the famous Schützenfest and Oktoberfest. All of this wait for you at Germany Island.

Germany Island will be home to 15 wonderful and contemporary beachfront and 17 lagoon villas, they will all offer stunning waterfront views and encase you with serenity and privacy..

The villas stand eminent in their engineering, created made a mix of Bauhaus style with modern, simplistic plan and technology, which fuses clean and bold lines. Floor to roof glass walls welcome unfettered light and views of the beach into your villa. The villas will also be powered using green energy and solar power.